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Searching for a Place to Live


If you search for a place to live, it is important to consider commute time. It is also important to consider such factors as modes of transportation, including the time between connections, and whether or not express or limited express trains stop at the nearest station. It is recommended that you verify the types of facilities located in your neighborhood.

img●Floor Plan

Factors such as the size of the housing and the amount of sunshine largely affect the degree of comfort. You need to check the kitchen, bathroom/toilet and space for placing your washing machine and furniture.

●Types of Residences

There are various types, such as manshon (modern apartments with fireproof construction), apato (traditional apartments with semi-fireproof construction), student dormitories and live-in rooms. Make a decision after giving due consideration to your own personality and lifestyle. Residential environments vary greatly depending on the property type.

●Gakusei manshon (Student apartments)

These are residences for students only. They are recommended for people who do not want to be disturbed by other people and who value safety and comfort.

●Manshon (Modern apartments)

Although functionally superior in terms of facilities, security, sound insulation, heat insulation and earthquake resistance, rents for this type are higher than those of traditional apartments.

●Apato (Traditional apartments)

Generally, the rents are low, so they are recommended for people who place a priority on cost.

●Student Dormitories

These are housing complexes for students only, but a caretaker or resident assistant (RA) resides in the property and provides assistance. They can also give you advice on day-to-day concerns and other matters.

●Boarding Rooms

These involve renting a room in a house or apartment and living with a family. Despite the facilities being less private, rents are more reasonable than traditional apartments or modern apartments.



imgThe contract process is: (1) Application; (2) Tenant screening; (3) Briefing on important matters and signing of contract; and (4) Handover of keys.
Prepare the documents required for the contract and then follow the procedures, making sure to thoroughly check the contract period, terms and other details.


Once you decide on the place you want to live, you need to apply.

●Submitting Lease Application

Fill in your address, name, income, place of work, guarantor, etc. The landlord will determine whether or not the applicant is eligible to live there based on the information obtained through the tenant screening.
In most cases, a guarantor is required for a lease contract.

●Verifying Costs

There are some cases that application fee, security fee, deposit, key money, agent fee, common service fee are charged upon the contract.

Application fee: Money paid before a contract to show that you are willing to rent a room.If the contract is not concluded, it will be returned. When a contract is established, it will be used as a part of the contract fee such as deposit or reikin that is paid afterwards.It is usually around 10,000 JPY~ one month rent.
Deposit: Money used to cover any unpaid rent or to pay for repairs beyond normal wear-and-tear. It will be balanced when you move out and usually be equivalent to 2 months rent.
Key money: Money to show your gratitude to the landlord. It is usually around 2 months rent.
Agent Fee: Fees paid to a real estate agency that mediates between you and the landlord.
Common Service Fees: Fees that are necessary for the work of maintenance, management, etc. of common areas and facilities.These fees should be paid at the same time with the rent every month.

●Confirmation of required documents

Let's prepare all the necessary documents before signing the contract.
Since it is different depending on the owner (apartment’s owner, the real estate company), please confirm which kinds of documents are required.

●Important Issues/ Contract

The real estate company will explain about the apartment. Please feel free to ask if you have any question. If possible, you should ask for the rental lease contract and the Important Issues in your native language.
Reliable real estate companies that collaborate with universities and schools can prepare contracts that are translated into English, Chinese, Korean, and other languages according to requests from schools.

●What to bring on the day you sign the contract

Please confirm in advance as it is different depending on the owner(apartment’s owner, the real estate company) and the situation at the time of application.

●Points to be noted in the Important Issues

Upon the conclusion of the contract, the real estate notary of the real estate company is required to explain the structure, facilities, and prohibited matters of the property. Please make sure that you have a good understanding of the contents before signing and affixing the seal.

●Handover of keys

After contracting, the key to the property will be handed over to you.

●Checking Your Place / Neighborhood

Once you receive the key, go to your place before moving in to check whether you overlooked anything when you made the preliminary inspection. Measure spaces for furniture and electric appliances and confirm damage or stains that may require repairs / restoration to their original condition when moving out.



imgThe market rate for rent differs depending on such factors as location and type of residence. It is important to assess the rent in line with the terms and conditions.


Contract termination

Please notify soon if you want to terminate the contract. There are some cases that you have to come up with the moving out costs after balancing the deposit such as repairing, cleaning fee to return the apartment into its original condition.
Contract termination here includes termination upon expiration of the term, short-term termination and termination from the landlord side.
If you are canceling a contract, be careful because you may be charged a penalty if you do not notify your lessor (landlord / property management company) of the contract cancellation date within the notification period stipulated in the contract.



imgIn principle, pet breeding is prohibited in rental apartments. There are some places where pets are allowed, so please check with the owner (apartment’s owner or the real estate company) beforehand.


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